Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hello, Bee

Sorry for the lack of updates recenty! I've been in a bit of a busy busy world, knitting knitting knittting! I am indeed a busy bee.

I DID however make time to see some friends last night, and we played Scrabble. As you can see, we are not very good, especially by the end when we could only make 'so' and 'by'. There were some minor discrepencies over some words, however on the whole it was a good match, and I came 3rd with 117 points.

For some exciting news, back in January applied to do the Menswear MA at the Royal College of Art in September, specialising in Knitwear.. and last Wednesday I found out that I've been offered the place! So the next two years will be filled with more knitting delights, exciting hey?

Now time for more tea and to get the knitting needles out!
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