Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Goin Up North!

With my portfolio coming together (the above is a new illustration, hot off the press!) I am getting rather excited about being able to return up North as often as I like over the next few months! Bring on the Black Pudding, flat caps, pigeon sheds and Yorkshire puddings. I cannot wait to see my pet ducks, my brother and of course, Victor!

I've even bought another knitting machine & ribber to keep up there so when I return I can still knit, as the past few weeks since the show - although have been exciting - have made me itching to get knitting once again! But what will I be knitting you ask? You'll have to wait and see..!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dogs with Blogs!

In a distracted hour away from my scissors and paper portfolio concocting, I came across a new fact - some Guineapigs have blogs! Ponderings of Two Guineapigs is updated regularly by Ginger (seen below) and Wiggly, and in recent news not only did their Mum get them some yummy Kale to munch on, but she also bumped her head in search for one of the family pet kittens.

Dogs have blogs too, Sassy Sasha, the Loveable Shih Tzu is a rescued dog who keeps us updated with her daily happenings online. At the moment she is getting ready for the official 'take your dog to work day' in America on the 26th of June, how exciting! And here in this picture, it would appear she has found herself a new bed.

Here she is hiding from thunderstorms:

And here she is again, but this time looking very pretty with clips in her hair!

Are there any more animals with blogs I wonder?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Replacing Knitting Needles for Pritt Stick and Crayons!

At the moment I'm currently spending my days with colouring pencils, paper and scissors, cutting out and putting together things for my portfolio. Its quite nice as I haven't had chance to sit down and do this for a while and I forgot how much I enjoy it!

Although it does feel a bit odd NOT to be knitting.. and as I miss it, i've been thinking of getting some more guineapigs on the go in the next few weeks, in addition to launching my shiny new website so keep your eyes peeled for that. By the way, feel free to get in touch and say hello and let me know who you are out there - it would be nice to hear from you!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mary Portas - Queen of Charity Shops!

A little while ago the good old Mary Portas came to Ravensbourne to speak to some of us fashion students to see if we could help her assisting with a re-vamp of a charity shop in Orpington.

I found this delightful screenshot of Mary stood next to a Hannah Taylor and a Hannah Buswell 'pre-collection original' in the studio..!

The idea was to get local people involved in not only donating goods but to offer services to widen the shops appeal. I offered to hold knitting groups and my friend Calum Harvey volunteered to sell his 'Long Life' clothing range, where goods are made from recycled materials.

I'm not too sure what footage they've chosen to use, but you can catch it tonight on BBC 2 at 9pm!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Slow Knitting

The lovely Jojo caught Slow Loris in the act, enjoying the Nigel guineapig jumper a little bit too much! I think it suits him.

If you haven't seen Slow Loris before then you should have a look at him below!

Guineapigs in Windows!

After being part of the Gala show at Graduate Fashion Week, I was contacted by River Island to say they would like to put my collection on display in one of their shop windows for a week after recieveing a special mention in the awards ceremony. And here it is!

So if you fancy going to have a look at some knitted guineapigs, pigeons, foxes and ducks then you should head over to Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush where they are all currently enjoying themselves in the River Island store until the 19th of June!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Come down to the Ada Street Gallery in Hackney, E8 4QU this weekend to
see a showcase of work from 15 fashion designer graduates at
Ravensboune. It would be nice to see you!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Hannah Taylor - Graduate Fashion Week 2009!

The past 9 months reached their pinnacle on Tuesday when us Ravensbourners held our show at Graduate Fashion Week. 19 of us were fortunate enough to let loose down the catwalk our collections that we've been working so hard on since our final year began in September. Exciting!

For the first time you get to see what's been keeping me so busy knitting for months on end! Here's a few pictures (courtesy of of how the collection looked on the big day, my little army of balaclava'd boys in lots and lots of knitting went down the catwalk to a bit of the notorious Northerner George Formby, followed by the William Tell Overture performed on synthisiser by Walter Carlos!

Outfit 1: Fair-isle cardigan with hood, Pigeon jumper.

Outfit 2: Smaller, hand-knit balaclava jumper

Outfit 3: Oversized cardigan with flying ducks, shrunken fair-isle jumper

Outfit 4: Vincent the 'shirley-bassey' Fox jumper!

Outfit 5: Larger Hand knitted balaclava jumper

Outfit 6: (and also my favourite) Nigel the Guineapig jumper

Now for some close-ups:

The final line-up:

I was in tears backstage when I saw my little 'babies' on the monitors going down the catwalk for their very first time! It had been such a tough slog and in particular the past few weeks were very intense but everyone got there in the end, even me - although I did still have a spot of linking to do an hour before the show was due to start!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Row 159, Pannel 3

Doing big garments means they dot fit the width of the machine, so I
am having to do them all in sections! I've been up since 3am doing
this one, listening to Morrisey a little too loud in order to keep
awake! A few hundred rows more and I can start the last one. Hope my
neighbours haven't minded the noisy machine! Oops!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Row 374.. But what the heck is it?!

I'm feeling pretty tired today as you've probably had the same amount
of sleep last night to what I've had in total this week! The
excitement is keeping me going though and at present I am working on
my last outfit left to knit. I like to live on a knife edge it would
seem - there is only one day until the day of the show!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Coming to Life!

Today was the Ravensbourne in-house Fashion Show, where i premiered 4
outfits from my final collection. To see the rest you'll have to come to
the show at GFW in 4 days time! I only have one more outfit left to
knit, but also a few other little surprises for the catwalk so I have
a feeling that, in a typical Hannah style I'll be knitting right up
until the show itself!

It's on tuesday the 9th of June at Earls Court, London - contact me for discounted tickets.