Friday, 12 June 2009

Hannah Taylor - Graduate Fashion Week 2009!

The past 9 months reached their pinnacle on Tuesday when us Ravensbourners held our show at Graduate Fashion Week. 19 of us were fortunate enough to let loose down the catwalk our collections that we've been working so hard on since our final year began in September. Exciting!

For the first time you get to see what's been keeping me so busy knitting for months on end! Here's a few pictures (courtesy of of how the collection looked on the big day, my little army of balaclava'd boys in lots and lots of knitting went down the catwalk to a bit of the notorious Northerner George Formby, followed by the William Tell Overture performed on synthisiser by Walter Carlos!

Outfit 1: Fair-isle cardigan with hood, Pigeon jumper.

Outfit 2: Smaller, hand-knit balaclava jumper

Outfit 3: Oversized cardigan with flying ducks, shrunken fair-isle jumper

Outfit 4: Vincent the 'shirley-bassey' Fox jumper!

Outfit 5: Larger Hand knitted balaclava jumper

Outfit 6: (and also my favourite) Nigel the Guineapig jumper

Now for some close-ups:

The final line-up:

I was in tears backstage when I saw my little 'babies' on the monitors going down the catwalk for their very first time! It had been such a tough slog and in particular the past few weeks were very intense but everyone got there in the end, even me - although I did still have a spot of linking to do an hour before the show was due to start!


Felix said...

the collection looks amazing you must be so pleased and big congrats getting it in the River Island window!

lespritdelescalier said...

so proud!

Jacqueline Bos said...

This is brilliant! Love the color sensibility and the guinea pig face. You did an amazing collection. Do you have a flickr page with more images?

High Five!

Andriusha said...

your collection is amazing :)
I am really impressed!