Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dogs with Blogs!

In a distracted hour away from my scissors and paper portfolio concocting, I came across a new fact - some Guineapigs have blogs! Ponderings of Two Guineapigs is updated regularly by Ginger (seen below) and Wiggly, and in recent news not only did their Mum get them some yummy Kale to munch on, but she also bumped her head in search for one of the family pet kittens.

Dogs have blogs too, Sassy Sasha, the Loveable Shih Tzu is a rescued dog who keeps us updated with her daily happenings online. At the moment she is getting ready for the official 'take your dog to work day' in America on the 26th of June, how exciting! And here in this picture, it would appear she has found herself a new bed.

Here she is hiding from thunderstorms:

And here she is again, but this time looking very pretty with clips in her hair!

Are there any more animals with blogs I wonder?


Joe said...

theres a monkey that twitters

Felix said...

Monkl reviewed Love is Awesome via my blog? (Monkl is a monkey)

Hannah Louise said...

this makes my life and also scares me slightly!

Rococo Dolce said...

I have a blog. (Rabbit)


-Rococo Dolce

Kasia Bishop said...

cant deal with the cuteness hannah i saw these and few little squeeks popped out my mouth. like this....oh gid so cute oh my i want one no need one x

Alison Friday said...

Your Guinea pig designs are fantastic, your so creative the colours fab as the designs, All very cool. Mens knit wear, clever market.
I randomly found your page when looking at knitting blogs(uk ring thing). It was the Guinea pig that drew me in.....such an underrated little creature . my daughter has two, very cute very squeally.